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Köpfer Wine - Our Wineyard

The Köpfer Vineyard has been run by the family since 1756. It is located in the Markgräfler Land area, on the edge of the Black Forest between Freiburg and Basel.

Our vines are found in excellent positions in four locations around the historic and picturesque town of Staufen: Firstly, the classic growing area of the Altenberg in the village of Grunern and secondly, the Ballrechter Castelberg - reminiscent of the Romans who introduced wine cultivation to the area. The other two vineyards are found on the small and almost perfect terraces of the "Staufener Schloßberg" and "Kirchhofener Höllberg" .

When selecting grapes, our main focus is the cultivation of the noble varieties of the Burgundy family - Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder, Spätburgunder and Chardonnay, and the Markgräfler speciality grape: the Gutedel. In addition, we are open to new developments and have been experimenting for some years nevertheless with a fungus resistant grape variety, the "Merzling".

More than 200 years of wine-making is a remarkably long tradition. This has great significance for us in two ways. Firstly, we are guided by our history and attribute great importance to traditional wine-making in our cellars whereby the individual character of the wines can develop without interference.

Secondly, we look to the long-term future. We are committed to the cultivation of our vines without artificial fertiliser or synthetic pesticides, endeavouring to maintain the natural fertility of the soil and vigour of the vines. In this way, we produce high quality grapes and wine without damaging the vineyards and environment.

We are very happy to put together and send a collection of our wines so you can judge for yourself.

You are also invited to taste our wine in the family-run farmhouse and vineyard. We look forward to your visit!


Gerd and Margret Köpfer

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